Gold Mining

Civil Construction in the Goldfields

Batavia Mining are dedicated to producing quality civil construction works for the industrial, commercial and mining infrastructure sectors within the Goldfields region. Using only the best machinery gives us the ability to provide exceptional Civil Contracting services and taking great pride on ensuring that all materials and services provided are consistent with the client’s agreed specifications make’s us one of the top choices for delivering with success on your next project.

Batavia Mining employees and subcontractors working on behalf of Batavia Mining adhere to a high standard of health & safety in every work situation and environment, we also have a strong focus on environmental impact on every project we manage and maintain.

Another strength in the Civil Construction sector that Batavia Mining posses is having a range of employees to support all aspects of Civil Construction and Civil Earthworks. With a great management team right through to some of the best equipment and machinery operators in the industry.

Civil contraction construction jobs include:

  • Control and management of all subcontractors
  • Detailed, Bulk Earthworks and associated landscaping
  • Sub-divisional road construction
  • Concrete works
  • Drainage
  • Equipment Hire
  • Trenching
  • Sea wall and dam construction

Building Mining Haul Roads for improved productivity & safety.

Haul roads directly affect the productivity and profitability of a mine site. They are the lifeline of the production system, just as important as the trucks that drive of them, which is why it is important to get the right contractor in to design, construct and maintain them.

Haul road construction if done right followed up by effective and cost effective maintenance will improve production, save on down time, improve on safety and increase profitability. Haul roads take a massive beating and the conditions of your mining haul roads can have an adverse affect on the speed, fuel burned, life of tyres, safety and annual tonnage moved. It is important to keep your mining haul roads in the best possible condition, providing a clean, smooth surface for the vehicles and equipment that use them.

If your mining haul roads are poorly designed or the maintenance is not kept up to a high standard this can drastically increase costs by lost production time, shortened tire life, greater fuel usage, major equipment repair and replacement, and safety issues.

Our dedicated team of employees and sub-contractors make sure at every stage of your project that the work meets industry standard, is completed thoroughly and efficiently.  All contractors on site and that work for Batavia are regularly trained and kept up to date with safety standards to uphold a high level of Occupational Health and Safety standards.


Dam Management & Construction

Tailings dams are structures built to hold mining waste, the waste and by-products are often referred to as slimes, tails and leach residue, slickens or ash. It is important that these wastes are delivered to the tailing dam for disposal, efficiently and with care. Most tailings contain environmental contaminates and can and may remain indefinitely, even after the operation ceases, which is why it is extremely important that your dam is design and constructed to the highest standard.

Batavia Mining have the experience and equipment necessary for constructing new Tailings Dams or working to improve, expand capacity and revitalise existing dams. Whether you’re looking to have built a dry stacked dam or a residue dam, Batavia is the company to get in for the job.

Areas of Expertise.

  • Tailings Dam contractors
  • Tailings Dam Maintanance and Revitalisation
  • Pipelaying and Maintanance
  • Low Ground Pressure equipment
  • Dust Control
  • Earthworks