Mine Spill Containment

Chemical Hazards at The Mine

When chemical spills occur at our mines, it is very important to prevent them from spreading throughout your workplace. A bunding system can help prevent chemical hazards as well as the spread of the spill. One of the reasons bunding works so well is because it acts as a barrier between the different chemicals that are present in the place where the bunding is being installed. This prevents the chemicals from coming into contact with each other and allows workers to move about in the environment without becoming exposed to these chemicals. It is important to section off spill areas with temporary fencing to ensure site safety.


Bunding is not only used to protect the employees who are working in a workplace but also for the safety of the community. Stratex chemical spill trays are safe for both the person who will be using the tray and the environment it is placed in. The tray serves to separate different hazardous chemicals. For instance, by separating one of the most harmful toxins, namely hydrochloric acid, from the water it was stored in, you can allow the acid to dissipate or move away from the water instead of staying in the water where it can cause serious harm to the people and animals in the area.

Also, a bunding system prevents potential damage to the surrounding area if there were to be a large amount of chemicals that have already been released into the air. Bunding also helps to reduce the chances of a chemical being absorbed into the skin if a worker touches it on the surface of the water.

Chemical Spills

Chemical spills are a serious concern in the workplace and not many employers consider them as one of their biggest concerns. However, if you need to protect yourself and your loved ones from a spills in the workplace, it is very important to hire an expert chemical spill response team. Not only do these professionals protect the public, they also protect the workers that are dealing with chemical hazards and help ensure the safe disposal of dangerous chemicals that may pose a danger to the surrounding areas and to the workers themselves.