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The drilling and mining industries in Australia are some of the largest in the world; with a substantial volume of the countries’ economy relying on the exports of coal, minerals and other sources of energy. As a result, this part of the world has seen an increase in demand from international bodies looking for consistent access to energy and thanks to companies like Silver City Drilling, this requirement is being comfortably met year after year.

Who are Silver City Drilling?

With a variety of bases situated around Australia including in Perth, Queensland and New South Wales – SilverCityDrilling are widely regarded as a market leader when it comes to drilling and mining. For more than three decades, the business has been in operation providing solutions to energy suppliers and national and international agencies – as well as many more establishments in between (including private and commercial enterprises in need of resources).

Batavia’s area of interest is the Gullewa Project in Western Australia.

Batavia is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX Stock Symbol: BTV) and Stock Exchanges in Germany (Symbol: MZI)

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The Deflector Gold-Copper Deposit at Gullewa is in an advanced stage of exploration for investment mining with the Bankable Feasibility Study underway targeting a December quarter 2006 completion

Batavia Mining have a range of employees to service every project in the Goldfields for all mining, civil and construction infrastructure requirements, and we can use private charter flights to bring in employees.

With a high standard and regard for Health & Safety in every aspect of the work environment and a strong focus on environmental impact for every project managed and maintained

Investment loans available for venture capital investments at Batavia through.

Batavia Mining cover a range of services including;

Earth Moving, Machinery Hire, Haul Roads & Construction, Land Clearing, Tailing Dams & Construction, Civil Construction, Contracting and Earthworks, & Forklift Hire from AllAreasForkLiftHire.

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Batavia Mining mission is to provide the highest quality industry standards to maximise productivity and safety.

Batavia’s goal is to service consistent long term contracts through maintaining a first class contracting business.

Batavia Mining leading the way in the industrial, commercial and mining sectors.

Xennox Diamonds – uses diamonds from batavia mining

Emergency Standpipes for Mine Flooding – 2022 Update 

While standpipe systems were once considered the logical solution to tall building fires, their design and installation had a long history of controversy. The National Fire Protection Association, for example, discussed the need for standpipes at its annual meeting in 1912, and in 1913 published the first set of national standards on standpipes. These standards outline the requirements for standpipe systems, including valves and hose outlets. In addition, the standards provide the installation process for standpipes and spill trays, which is described in the NFPA 14 Standard for Installation of Standpipe and Hose Systems.